Check out the Top Three Cryptocurrency of 2021

Cryptocurrency adoption has seen a huge surge as more and more people are turning their focus towards it. But the main concern for the investors is to choose the best out of so many. There are hundreds and thousands of options and which is the best one is still a concern. Currently, more and more […]

Dogecoin Makes History as its Market Cap Beat Twitter

Dogecoin, a cryptocurrency has set new records as its market capitalization has outshone the market capitalization of Twitter Inc. The current market cap of DOGE reached around $62.07 billion, and the market cap of Twitter reached $43.59 billion at the time of writing. Furthermore, the Dogecoin DOGE, 32.18% run amok today after soaring 22% to […]

Mogo [NASDAQ: MOGO] Announces Plan to Invest 5% in Cryptocurrencies

Mogo Inc. [NASDAQ: MOGO] disclosed that it has decided to invest 5% of the value of its cash and investment portfolio in cryptocurrencies. The firm has bought nearly 146 Ether (ETH) at an average price of US$2,780. Ethereum is an open-source, block-chain based, decentralized software platform that utilizes its own cryptocurrency, Ether. The investment of […]

Here’s How Ethereum Outshone Bigger Bitcoin

Ethereum has marked the history after it set new records by hitting $3,000 on Monday. Ether, the token negotiated on the Ethereum blockchain, went up 3% on the Bitstamp exchange to $3,144.81 in morning transactions in London. It soared 325% for the year up till now. It is easily overtaking a 95% increase in the […]

Cryptocurrency Market Capitalization Surpass Apple Inc. Here’s How

The market capitalization of Cryptocurrencies has outdone the market capitalization of the preeminent performers such as Apple Inc. [NASDAQ: AAPL]. Currently, Apple Inc is famous as the most marketable openly-indexed firm. It has been disclosed by CoinMarketCap that the market capitalization of the cryptocurrency reached $2.243 trillion. This market cap is more than the iPhone […]

Here’s Why the Luno Usage Skyrocketed in Africa

The crypto has seen a surge in its usage as more and more institutional investors are starting to adopt bitcoin due to its ability to maintain its value despite depreciations lately. 2020 was the year of cryptocurrency adoption as the users of cryptocurrency reached 100 million in Q3 2020. It has been disclosed that Luno […]