Introduce the Solution for Users’ Privacy has introduced its solution for mixing Bitcoin to protect the users’ privacy. have earned a reputation as a website that change tainted bitcoins to anonymized bitcoins. Bitcoin mixing is also meant Bitcoin tumbling or Bitcoin blending. It is basically a process of using a service to make Bitcoin buying and transactions undetectable. It […]

Crypto Trading Mobile App TabTrader Banked $5.8M in Series A Round

Cryptocurrency trading mobile app TabTrader disclosed that it has finalized a $5.8M Series A round. The $5.8 million series A round-headed by BitMEX Ventures and affiliated Hashkey Capital, Spartan Capital, SGH Capital, SOSV, and Artesian Venture Partners. TabTrader has completely changed the entire crypto trading experience by allowing traders to cope with all of their […]

United Wholesale Mortgage Finalizes First-Ever Cryptocurrency Mortgage Payment Transactions

United Wholesale Mortgage (UWM) which has earned a reputation as the #1 wholesale and purchase lender in America, disclosed that it has successfully assessed and recognized the first-ever cryptocurrency mortgage payment in September and five more cryptocurrency mortgage payments in October from borrowers. UWM has strived hard to be a leader in technology for years […]

Argo Blockchain Shares Bitcoin Mining Update of September

Argo Blockchain has shared the bitcoin mining update for the month of September. The firm disclosed that it has mined 165 Bitcoin or Bitcoin equivalent (BTC) in September. This amount is far less than the Bitcoin production in the month of August. In the month of August, the firm has mined 206 bitcoin. This year […]

Metatron Launch Crypto Based E-Commerce App with Ketobodz Nutritionals

Metatron which is a mobile and web technology pioneer having developed more than 2,000 apps on iTunes and Google Play has disclosed has launched a new crypto-based e-commerce app on Google Play for Android Mobile devices with Ketobodz. The Ketobodz brand has gained recognition as an industry leader with millions of sales worldwide, and the […]

Interactive Brokers [NASDAQ: IBKR] Launches Cryptocurrency Trading Through Paxos

Interactive Brokers Group, Inc. [NASDAQ: IBKR] has successfully launched cryptocurrency trading through Paxos Trust Company. Paxos Trust Company will allow the clients to trade and custody Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), and Bitcoin Cash (BCH). Interactive Brokers remains focused on offering a breadth of products worldwide, sophisticated technology, and superior pricing. Paxos is a […]

Cryptocurrency Market Anticipate Reaching USD 1,758.0M by 2027

The worldwide cryptocurrency market size is expected to reach USD 1,758.0 million by 2027, demonstrating a CAGR of 11.2% during the projected time frame. Cryptocurrency is a system of virtual currency exchange that is intended to reduce financial intermediaries. The impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic have been felt all around the globe. Like every other […]

Coinbase Pro Decides to List Polkadot

The Coinbase Pro cryptocurrency exchange is listing DOT, the native asset of Polkadot. The exchange anticipates that DOT trading will commence at 9 AM PT, on June 16, if sufficient liquidity has been set up. Currently, DOT is not yet included in the list on the main platform or the mobile app of the […]

US Federal Court Orders IRS to Identify Taxpayers who Have Used Cryptocurrency

The US Federal Court has provided the official consent to Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to perform “John Doe Summons” on the US-based cryptocurrency exchange and bank, Kraken. A John Doe Summons is an IRS summons approved by Internal Revenue Code Section 7609(f). In contrast to other IRS orders, it does not enumerate the name of […]