Northern Dynasty’s [NAK] Pebble Partnership Receives Grand Jury Subpoena

Northern Dynasty Minerals Ltd. [AMEX: NAK] disclosed that its wholly-owned Alaska-based US subsidiary Pebble Partnership Limited and the ex-CEO of Pebble, Tom Collier has received the Subpoena. The summon was delivered to the firm and CEO by the US Attorney’s Office for the District of Alaska.

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CEO and Pebble Limited has received the summon following the grand jury investigation evidently concerning the earlier leaked private conversation regarding the project of Pebble. Northern Dynasty stated that along with Pebble Partnership, and ex-CEO it will collaborate with the grand jury to play its part in the investigation.

Shares of Northern Dynasty Minerals Ltd. [AMEX: NAK] went up 4.51% at $0.64 during the trading session of Friday. It has recorded the day low and high range of $0.62 and $0.67. The trading volume of the firm was 39.39 million as compared to the average volume of 32.24 million during the trading session of Friday.

During the past 52-weeks trading session, its share has wavered $0.31 and $2.49 between the 52-weeks low and high range. Northern Dynasty’s share has surged 109.15% during the past 52-weeks low and plummeted -74.30% during the past 52-weeks high. This company market capitalization stayed high, reaching at $346.47 million at the time of writing.

Furthermore, Northern Dynasty stated that it has no clue of any charges filed against any entity and individual of the company regarding this matter and has disclosed that it will cooperate in the investigation and will share the necessary information related to this matter in a periodic manner.

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