Amazon’s [NASDAQ: AMZN] CEO Jeff Bezos Decides To Step Down

    CEO of, Inc. [NASDAQ: AMZN] who started the company 30-years ago in his garage has made a bombshell disclosure. Jeff Bezos shares in a letter to Amazon’s employees that he has decided to resign from his position as a CEO of an e-commerce giant. Jeff revealed that he took the decision because he wanted to focus on his other ventures.

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    Jeff wrote that he would continue the relationship with the company as an Executive Chair of the Amazon Board. He also announced the name of the next CEO. Andy Jassy will become the CEO of Amazon after the resignation of Jeff Bezos as CEO.

    Jeff Bezos said that he has full confidence in Andy because he has the same experience as him and he will lead the company very well. He further said that this journey was started almost 27 years ago and at that time he has no idea what the name of this business will be. In an email to employees, he wrote: “What’s the internet?” Fortunately, I have not had to explain that in a long while.”

    Amazon which is the biggest e-commerce giant has employed 1.3 million exceptional people as of today and has served millions of people all around the world. Mr. Bezos who is the richest person in the world said that one thing which led to success is invention and he said that he is confident that no other company has the same invention track record as Amazon.

    Jeff revealed that the position of CEO is a big responsibility and one can never be able to focus on another thing while acting as the CEO of the company. After resigning from his position, he will engage in Amazon initiatives, but he will have the time for other things that he wants.

    He said: “Keep inventing, and don’t quit when the idea seems ridiculous at first. Remember to explore new things.  Let enthusiasm be the direction for you.”