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Amazon Web Services

Amazon’s [NASDAQ: AMZN] Amazon Web Services and 1NCE Partnered for a Global IoT Platform

Amazon.com, Inc’s Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Global IoT Carrier 1NCE have joined hands to work towards the expansion of 1NCEs IoT platform...

Amazon [NASDAQ: AMZN] Announces 18 New Utility-Scale Wind And Solar Energy Projects

Amazon.com, Inc. disclosed that it has commenced 18 new utility-scale wind and solar energy projects across the U.S., Finland, Germany, Italy, Spain, and...

IBM [NYSE: IBM] Announces Acquisition of SXiQ

International Business Machines Corporation disclosed that it has inked an acquisition agreement to acquire SXiQ. SXiQ has earned a reputation as an Australian...

Amazon [NASDAQ: AMZN] Announces Richemont Choose AWS as Its Preferred Cloud Provider

Amazon Web Services (AWS), a company of Amazon.com, Inc. disclosed that Compagnie Financière Richemont SA has chosen AWS as its preferred cloud provider...

Amazon’s [NASDAQ: AMZN] AWS Announces Adidas Shifts SAP Environments to AWS

Amazon Web Services (AWS) which is a subsidiary of Amazon.com, Inc. disclosed that Adidas AG has chosen AWS as its preferred cloud provider...

Youdao’s [NYSE: DAO] NetEase Cloud Classroom Announces Free AWS Digital Training Courses

Youdao, Inc. disclosed that NetEase Cloud Classroom has commenced around 100 free-to-use digital training courses offered by Amazon Web Services, an Amazon.com, Inc....

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