Here’s Our Rant About Meta Materials Inc. (MMAT)

Meta Materials Inc. (NASDAQ: MMAT), a firm that creates cutting-edge materials, saw a 19.18 percent increase in share price to $1.74 on June 21. The news of the purchase of important technology for safer lithium-ion batteries was the cause.

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The purchase of all of Optodot Corporation’s assets and intellectual property rights has been announced by MMAT. Meta Materials will receive a lot of beneficial developments for $48.5 million in cash and shares. Optodot has 22 pending applications and 67 granted patents. Nanocomposite separator technologies for lithium-ion batteries are one of them.

Additionally, this advancement works well with the original META PLASMAfusion manufacturing process, enabling the production plant of Meta Materials Inc. (MMAT) Canada to create a novel material.

In fact, NPORE nanocomposite separators have the potential to be a widely utilized technology in residential batteries and electric cars. It is a flexible, non-flammable ceramic composite with three times more pressure resistance and heat conductivity that is five times greater than plastic.

The possibility of “thermal runaway,” or the uncontrolled self-heating of a lithium-ion cell that might result in the battery combusting explosively, is significantly reduced by NPORE. Owners of electric cars and household batteries are most concerned about these accidents. As a result, NPORE separators may become quite popular among producers of electrical equipment.

Additionally, the nanocomposite can be used in medicine. Therefore, the NANOPORE name has already developed filtration and medical device alternatives.

There are already interesting metamaterials available from Meta Materials Inc. (MMAT) (materials that have no analogs in nature). For instance, the business just got a patent for using a metamaterial for non-invasive blood glucose monitoring.

Shares of Meta Materials Inc. (NASDAQ: MMAT) are down -23.98 percent year to date (YTD) and are up 7.47 percent or $0.13 during the most recent trading session. But the stock’s trailing 12-month performance has decreased by over 86.64 percent.