Nuvei [NASDAQ: NVEI] Integrated with Flow

Nuvei Corporation [NASDAQ: NVEI] disclosed it has combined with Flow which is a Web3 platform designed for consumer-friendly blockchain applications. This is a major accomplishment in accessible NFT purchasing and unique stablecoin processing on the blockchain. It allowed a frictionless checkout experience, backed by Nuvei, for dapps established on Flow.

Nuvei is now the premier payment provider in the cryptocurrency and digital currency industry, thanks to this integration. Likewise, Flow will make use of Nuvei’s customized fraud protection and risk management solutions, which are underpinned by validated AI technology. It will lead to greater conversion rates and better liquidity for cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and decentralized financial providers.

Furthermore, the Flow blockchain is now used by 35% of all NFT traders. Nuvei’s single-integration network enables Flow developers and marketplace consumers to buy NFTs in FUSD using fiat currency. It provides NFT platforms more accessible and allows them to reach a broader consumer base.

In addition, the next-generation, environmentally-friendly blockchain of Flow will enable developers to set up crypto and crypto-enabled businesses, and users to create digital assets tradable on open markets. Nuvei offers a sophisticated and agile processing partner for those building on Flow by enabling users to pay with FUSD, the most outstanding USD-based stablecoin on Flow.