urban-gro [NASDAQ: UGRO] Become Authorized System Integrator for Thrive Agritech

urban-gro, Inc. [NASDAQ: UGRO] confirmed that it has joined forces with Thrive Agritech, Inc. which is a technology company and leader in LED horticulture lighting. As per the partnership, urban-gro will become an authorized system integrator for Thrive Agritech’s portfolio of LED lighting products.

The complete portfolio of Thrive Agritech, including Pinnacle, Apex, Boost, and Infinity may now also be able to take advantage of urban-gro’s fully-integrated design, systems integration, and post-operational support solutions. UGRO believed that Thrive’s LED lighting solutions provide an attractive choice for farmers who want to get the highest performance out of their structures.

Furthermore, UGRO’s architect-led design-build project methodology is also unique in the industry because it begins with design and then integrates purpose-built CEA systems to satisfy each client’s specific needs. Its team of professionals thoroughly evaluates all of the systems and devices it offers, and it is happy to be able to provide Thrive Agritech’s lighting service to its clients.

In addition, Thrive Agritech also expressed its delight at collaborating with urban-gro to expand the accessibility of its LED lighting solutions in the horticulture industry. It recognizes urban-gro as a leading full-service solutions provider, and its CEA clients would undoubtedly gain from the combination of its high-performance LED lighting products with urban-existing gro’s turnkey solutions, competencies, and support.