Walmart [NYSE: WMT] Vows to Expand InHome Delivery Service in 2022

Walmart Inc. [NYSE: WMT] has pledged to bring the convenience of InHome delivery to even more customers in 2022. Walmart intends to expand the InHome service. Presently, the InHome service is now available to 6 million households in the United States and likely to reach 30 million by the end of the year.

Walmart disclosed that has decided to hire more than 3,000 associate delivery drivers this year as well as create a fleet of 100% all-electric delivery vans to support the plan of expansion. Walmart has introduced the InHome delivery service in 2019. The company has created this service to give time back to families by delivering fresh groceries, daily necessary items. This service delivers items directly into customers’ homes, including putting items directly into their kitchen or garage fridge, as well as collecting returns.

Order Placing on InHome

The steps which customers need to take include signing up for InHome, and then placing their order, and choosing InHome as their preferred delivery option. After placing an order, delivery is completed by a highly qualified InHome worker. When the delivery worker arrives at the customer’s home, they utilize their InHome app and smart entry technology to open the customer’s door or garage using a one-time access code.

After that, the app alerts the consumer at each stage, and a camera mounted on the workers’ vest records the overall delivery, which customers can view on their smartphones for almost a week after each shipment.

Furthermore, Walmart’s InHome Delivery service is $19.95 a month or $148 per year, and there are no hidden expenses, including tips, which are included in the price. In addition, customers can grant their InHome associate one-time access via a current smart lock, a garage keypad, or by buying a new smart lock for $49.95 through InHome.