Amazon [NASDAQ: AMZN] Announces Richemont Choose AWS as Its Preferred Cloud Provider

Amazon Web Services (AWS), a company of, Inc. [NASDAQ: AMZN] disclosed that Compagnie Financière Richemont SA has chosen AWS as its preferred cloud provider to accelerate product innovation. Richemont is planning to transfer its entire business IT infrastructure to AWS. Richemont has decided to close its European data centers and transfer additional data centers in Hong Kong and the U.S. to AWS by the end of 2022.

Richemont clarified that it is utilizing AWS to bring change within its business, which will occur in the delivery of new applications and services to create outstanding customer experiences. Richemont and its Maisons have had an unrelenting emphasis on quality, innovation, and added service for more than 10 decades.

Moreover, the company believed that the complete set of abilities of AWS will help Richemont redefine the luxury shopping experience in the digital world, providing particular virtual experiences and customized services for its global business. Furthermore, the unmatched speed of innovation and broad portfolio of services, including analytics and ML, will help AWS achieve greater penetrations and become an even more flexible company in the cloud.

Richemont disclosed that it will use the AWS Skills Guild to offer training and certification for its IT employees to help strengthen cloud fluency across its business. These training events will support the company advances its ability to function as a product-focused organization, accelerate competencies, and gain pace and promptness in fulfilling business and customer needs.

In addition, the cloud-first strategy of Richemont includes shifting its business-critical enterprise IT applications and ERP, accounting, SCM, manufacturing, product lifecycle management, and e-commerce systems to AWS. With the help of AWS, the luxury goods company will leverage a broad range of sophisticated cloud capabilities, including ML, analytics, security, and database, to promote product innovation across its physical retail operations and e-commerce offerings.