OrganiGram [NASDAQ: OGI] Announce the Launch of Monjour

OrganiGram Holdings Inc. [NASDAQ: OGI] disclosed that it has introduced Monjour. Monjour is the Company’s new wellness brand, delivering high-quality, CBD-forward products for consumers looking for simple and easy ways to incorporate cannabidiol (CBD) into their daily wellness routine.

Market research indicates consumers are searching for inexpensive, dosage-controlled, and flavorful ways of consuming CBD. Monjour gummies are provided in both Berry Medley and Citrus Medley flavor options. It has been disclosed that the first offerings of Monjour include both vegan-friendly as well as sugar-free soft chews, both in assorted flavors. Both vegan-friendly Monjour and sugar-free Monjour Bare varieties are accessible in 30-count packs with 20mg of CBD per piece, equaling 600mg per bottle.

Furthermore, the strategic approach of Organigram to product development is to focus on the needs and inclinations of Canadian consumers. Organigram pledged to innovate and maintain consumers at the heart of every product it launch. By paying close attention to how Canadians are thinking about and consuming CBD, the company is able to develop and offer an exhilarating new line of products while taking advantage of an increasing CBD edibles market.

In addition, Monjour is the newest product line to be manufactured in the recently purchased Edibles and Infusions (EIC) facility. The facility is situated in Winnipeg, Manitoba. The company disclosed that utilizing EIC’s highly-efficient production technology means that it can generate high-quality, low-cost confectionery products.