Dada [NASDAQ: DADA] Launch Panorama of its On-Demand Warehousing-Picking-Delivery Services

Dada Group [NASDAQ: DADA] disclosed that it has launched a panorama of its on-demand order fulfillment. It encompasses warehousing, picking, and delivery services, like the Double 11 Shopping Festival approaching this week. The development of all-process abilities in warehousing-picking-delivery services indicates a new breakthrough for Dada Now, in creating a comprehensive service ecosystem in the on-demand order fulfillment sector.

Dada Now updated its all-process capabilities to bring the appropriate one-hour shopping experience to retail merchants and consumers. Moreover, in terms of “warehousing”, Dada Now offered tailored systematic solutions for different merchants based on their business forms and scale of online orders. It assists them to digitalize offline inventory, cutting stock-out rates, and enhance inventory turnover.

Additionally, Dada warehousing-picking-delivery service drastically reduces the delivery time when an order is placed online, and guarantees the quality of item picking, bringing a better shopping experience to Chinese consumers. In the meantime, Dada’s all-process capabilities solve the pain points of merchants in all aspects of on-demand retail.

Furthermore, Dada offer tailored delivery and fulfillment solutions, called Dedicated Delivery service or Quanxinda. It supports on-demand order delivery in all categories, Omni-channels, all time, and full-distance. Dedicated Delivery provides more varied services to fulfill the different needs and conditions of chain brands for timely delivery, brand image, and standard services.