Youdao’s [NYSE: DAO] NetEase Cloud Classroom Announces Free AWS Digital Training Courses

Youdao, Inc. [NYSE: DAO] disclosed that NetEase Cloud Classroom has commenced around 100 free-to-use digital training courses offered by Amazon Web Services, an, Inc. company [NASDAQ: AMZN]. NetEase Cloud Classroom is a platform providing online courses mostly targeting grown-ups in China run by Youdao, Inc.

It has been confirmed that the AWS training courses, designed by AWS experts, are intended to help learners learn best cloud practices about dozens of AWS services and solutions. The AWS courses on NetEase Cloud Classroom vary from 10 minutes to several hours. The courses cover content on AWS cloud concepts, core services, security, architecture, pricing, support systems, among others. The courses will be in localized in Simplified Chinese.

Presently, the IT industry has been under the limelight alongside the rapid expansion of cloud computing, AI, big data, and the IoT. However, there remains a considerable gap between the supply of high-quality IT talents and demand. But the courses of AWS also include topics such as AI, ML, architecture design, database, networking, and security.

Furthermore, NetEase Cloud Classroom has been offering online courses for adult vocational education and training since 2012 making it easy and comfortable to learn with fast download speeds, high-quality video-streaming, and fully confined content whether in online or offline environments. In addition to vocational skills improvement courses, it also provided word-of-mouth courses including fields such as practical English and memorization. Presently, the number of NetEase Cloud Classroom classes will surpass 4,100 and the total number of class hours goes beyond 50,000.