Hologic [NASDAQ: HOLX] Unveils its Genius Digital Diagnostics System

Hologic, Inc. [NASDAQ: HOLX] disclosed that it has finally unveiled its new Genius Digital Diagnostics System in Europe. The Genius Digital Diagnostics System is the next generation of cervical cancer diagnosis that integrates deep learning-based AI with sophisticated volumetric imaging technology to detect pre-cancerous lesions and cervical cancer cells in women.

This is the greatest milestone for the company as HOLX is continuously striving to provide advanced treatment to patients. The company contemplates that the technology improves the capabilities of individual laboratories and also has the capability to drastically change how cervical cancer diagnosis is conducted. It is done by allowing laboratories within the same network to partner across the world to manage the caseload.

Furthermore, the Genius Digital Diagnostics System was created to offer actionable understandings and enhance workflow and lab efficiency. This all be done with one goal in mind which is to eliminate cervical cancer. The sophisticated image analysis carefully probes every cell on a ThinPrep Pap test image to curate a single view of the most clinically relevant objects with the Genius Digital Diagnostics System.

Additionally, the new algorithm GeniusTM Cervical AI limits tens of thousands of cells down to an AI-generated gallery, which supports healthcare providers with the crucial information they required to guide the earlier discovery and better treatment decisions for the patients in their care. Moreover, Hologic has partnered with prominent laboratories in Europe to give them an early chance to assess the new system. The laboratories include ZotzKlimas Diagnostics Laboratories in Germany, where Founder, Dietmar Klimas, M.D., has headed the review.

The Genius Digital Diagnostics System also allows continuous and dynamic cooperation across laboratories within a network. It connects pathologists with remote review capabilities so each patient can benefit from the shared knowledge of geographically dispersed experts. Digital case review dedicated to improving the experience for lab partners by enhancing workflow and speeding up review time.