Platinum Group [AMEX: PLG] Shares Update of Waterberg Project

Platinum Group Metals Ltd. [AMEX: PLG] has shared the update of the Waterberg Project. Platinum Group Metals Ltd. has earned a reputation as an operator of the Waterberg Project which is a bulk underground palladium and platinum deposit situated in South Africa. The Waterberg Project was found by Platinum Group.

The firm shared the update about the community relations, geotechnical drilling of the Waterberg Project. The firm has got three notices of appeal, submitted by individual complainants from local communities, against the January 28, 2021 decision of the South African Department of Mineral Resources and Energy (DMR) awarding the Waterberg Mining Right on and after March 5, 2021.

Waterberg JV Resources (Pty) (Ltd.) is against the review application as well as all appeals received and contemplates that all applications are without merit. Furthermore, the firm disclosed that a geotechnical drilling campaign at the Waterberg Project, which started in July 2021, is now in process of finalization and demobilization.

In addition, the geotechnical drilling campaign comprised of 46 boreholes drilled along the planned centerline of two sets of twin declines and box-cut positions. Nearly 11 holes were drilled vertically, and the remaining holes were tilted out of the plane to traverse all possible discontinuities.

Platinum Group has also announced the execution of its inaugural Environmental and Social Governance (ESG) disclosure submission with Digbee Ltd. PLG stated that its main business objective is to expand the palladium dominant Waterberg Project to a development and construction decision.