NRx [NASDAQ: NRXP] Gains 42% after Sharing Aviptadil Data in Critical COVID-19

NRx Pharmaceuticals, Inc. [NASDAQ: NRXP] has shared the peer-reviewed results from a prospective, open-label, administratively controlled study of Aviptadil for the cure of respiratory failure in sufferers with Critical COVID-19. The study disclosed 60-day survival in 81% of those treated with Aviptadil, compared to 21% survival among those who got standard of care treatment at the Houston Methodist Hospital.

It has been disclosed that the victims who participated in this trial were at the highest possible risk for death based on critical comorbidities that made them unqualified for involvement in the phase 2b/3 pivotal study of Aviptadil for the cure of COVID-19 with respiratory failure. Furthermore, sufferers in the trial have not responded to all therapies authorized for COVID-19 during the first wave of the pandemic in the summer of 2020.

In addition, the patients who participated in this study had no therapeutic substitutes and 80% of those treated with standard of care died within 60 days of hospital admission. The subsequent development in RDR and cytokine levels add biological plausibility to conclusions. All patients who participated in the trial had Critical COVID-19 with respiratory failure.

The firm revealed that during the trial no drug-related Serious Adverse Events (SAEs) were reported. Hypotension was observed in two sufferers that were successfully managed, and treatment with Aviptadil was resumed. Diarrhea was detected in 4 Aviptadil-treated patients.