IBM [NYSE: IBM] Launches AI-Driven Software for Environmental Intelligence

International Business Machines Corporation [NYSE: IBM] has announced the launch of AI-driven software for Environmental Intelligence to assist businesses to ready for and tackle weather and climate risks that may upset business. This software will enable businesses to easily evaluate their own impact on the planet and decrease the complexity of regulatory compliance and reporting.

The IBM Environmental Intelligence Suite is designed to help companies simplify and automate the management of environmental risks and operationalize fundamental processes, including carbon reporting and decrease, to fulfill environmental goals. The suite takes advantage of current weather data from IBM, advanced geospatial analytics already in use by companies around the globe, and new inventions from IBM Research.

Features of AI-Driven Environmental Intelligence Software

IBM Environmental Intelligence Suite is a SaaS solution devised to back businesses to track troublesome environmental conditions such as severe weather, wildfires, flooding, and air quality and send alerts when discovered. This software predicts the possible impacts of climate change and weather across the business using climate risk analytics.

Furthermore, Environmental Intelligence software will gain insights into possible operational interruptions and focus on improvement and response efforts. It measures and report on environmental initiatives and operationalize carbon accounting while cutting the burden of this reporting on procurement and operations teams.

Additionally, the suite presents environmental insights via APIs, dashboards, maps, and alarms that can help companies tackle both immediate operational challenges as well as longer-term planning and strategies. Moreover, the Environmental Intelligence Suite can be consolidated with IBM’s broader software portfolio for additional efficiencies across business operations.