Moderna [NASDAQ: MRNA] Decides to Establish State-of-the-Art mRNA Facility in Africa

Moderna, Inc [NASDAQ: MRNA] disclosed that it has decided to establish a sophisticated mRNA Facility in Africa. The firm has set a goal of producing more than 500 million doses of vaccines each year at the 50-µg dose level through the new advanced facility.  Since its inception, it always strives to bring change in the lives of humans through its medicines and the establishment of the new facility is proof of the MRNA’s commitment.

Moderna has played a very important role in the fight against COVID-19 after making its mRNA COVID-19 vaccine. MRNA is committed to prolonging Moderna’s community influence through the investment in an advanced mRNA manufacturing facility in Africa. Moderna is planning to invest more than $500 million in this new facility.

Moderna’s mRNA Facility in Africa

 The new facility is anticipated to include drug substance production with the opportunity for fill/finish and packaging capabilities at the site. Moderna is anticipating not only produce its COVID-19 vaccine in the new facility but also additional products within its mRNA vaccine portfolio at this facility.

Furthermore, Moderna and its partners have increased capacity all around the globe and have dispatched more than 500 million doses of Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine to date. Recently, the firm is striving to increase its capacity at a substantial speed. In addition, Moderna’s pipeline covers 20 vaccine candidates in its prophylactic vaccines modality including vaccines against respiratory viruses, vaccines against latent viruses, and vaccines against threats to global public health. The firm is anticipating commencing a process for country and site selection soon.