Nokia [NYSE: NOK] Introduces Mission-Critical Industrial Edge Solution

Nokia Corporation [NYSE: NOK] has introduced the industry’s first cloud-native, mission-critical industrial edge solution. This new solution will enable corporations to speed up their operational technology (OT) digitalization initiatives and promote their journey to Industry 4.0. Industry 4.0 demands an extensive digitalization and connectivity of equipment, machines, and other assets in industrial environments.

The new Nokia MX Industrial Edge is a scalable application and computes solution intended to fulfill the mission-critical digital revolution needs of asset-intensive industries such as manufacturing, energy, and transportation. It exclusively brings together compute, storage, wired/wireless networking, one-click industrial applications, and automated management onto a unified, on-premise OT digital transformation platform.

Furthermore, corporations will get advantage from an on-premise cloud architecture that integrates edge requirements in an easy-to-use, deploy everywhere, as-a-service package by adopting the Nokia MX Industrial Edge. This solution eliminates the complexity, knowledge, and economic obstacles typically linked with deployment, integration, and life cycle management of high-performance compute applications and mission-critical networking.

Businesses are becoming increasingly aiming their digital conversion efforts on the application of software and cloud capabilities to operational technologies (OT) enjoy the benefits of agility and cost-efficiency in asset-intensive industrial environments. Moreover, businesses need on-premise edge clouds, like the Nokia MX Industrial Edge, to offer safe, robust, and high-performance execution environments for mission-critical OT applications.