Bottomline Technologies [NASDAQ: EPAY] Announces Strategic Partnership with ERI

Bottomline Technologies, Inc. [NASDAQ: EPAY] and ERI both have entered into a strategic partnership agreement that helps the companies to combine SaaS-based financial messaging solutions of EPYA with the OLYMPIC Banking System software package of ERI. ERI has earlier successfully completed many partnerships agreements partnered with Bottomline, and a large number of its clients leverage the Bottomline solutions daily with great satisfaction.

Bottomline has earned a reputation as a reliable expert offering end-to-end technology solutions. Its SaaS offering features a broad portfolio of products for financial messaging, reconciliation, business flow integration, market data, and other services related to the payments and securities business. On the other hand, ERI has garnered attention because of its OLYMPIC Banking System.

OLYMPIC Banking System

OLYMPIC Banking System is a fully integrated, front-to-back, parameter-driven digital platform. It has earned a reputation for its unending support to banks and financial institutions in modernizing, automating, and digitizing its core business activities across its clients’ entire lifecycle. The integration of SaaS solutions for reconciliation and the OLYMPIC Banking System has eased the business activities of banks, etc.

COO at Hyposwiss Bank commented on this collaboration and disclosed that thanks to the integration between the SaaS solutions for reconciliation and the OLYMPIC Banking system the bank is able to substantially improve its operational efficiency. The processes of Hyposwiss bank are fully enhanced, enjoying a strong and reliable integrated solution.