Facebook [NASDAQ: FB] Whistleblower Alleges Company Prioritize Profit over Public Good

Facebook, Inc. [NASDAQ: FB] has faced an allegation of spreading heat to gain profit. The whistleblower Frances Haugen who is a data scientist and serves as a former product manager on Facebook’s civic misinformation team disclosed that Facebook has ‘conflicts of interest between what was good for the public and what was good for Facebook.

She herself claimed in a 60 Minutes interview on Sunday as the woman who secretly uncovered documents of the firm’s research to The Wall Street Journal and the US Congress. The leaks disclosed that how Facebook increases hate and misinformation by prioritizing profits. Whistleblower of Facebook revealed that her experience at Facebook was worst after seeing how the company prioritizes profit over the public good. She earlier served in Google and Pinterest but never had the same experience.

She disclosed that the main issue raised when Facebook bring modifications in 2018 to its algorithms, which decide what users see on the platform’s news feed. She claimed that the algorithms are optimized for content that gets engagement or reactions from users. She said its own research demonstrates that content that is hateful, acrimonious, and polarizing easily promotes anger in people than other emotions.

She further added that if the firm changed its algorithm. It would affect the profit of the company as people would tend to spend less time on the platform and click on fewer ads. Facebook generates more money when people consume more content. People enjoy involvement with things that trigger an emotional reaction. And the angrier they get, the more they interact with each other and the more they consume.