BioNTech [NASDAQ: BNTX] Announces First Colorectal Cancer Patient Receive its mRNA Cancer Vaccine

BioNTech SE [NASDAQ: BNTX] disclosed that it has expanded its Clinical Oncology Portfolio after the first Colorectal Cancer Patients received the dose of mRNA-based Individualized Immunotherapy BNT122 in the Phase II study. This study represented an important achievement in BNTX efforts to bringing individualized immunotherapies to sufferers.

The firm disclosed that many cancers develop in a way that sufferer in the first place appears tumor-free after surgery, but after a while tumor foci that were mostly invisible expands and form metastases. In this clinical study in sufferers with colorectal cancer, the firm strives to pinpoint high-risk sufferers with a blood test and examine whether an individualized mRNA vaccine can stop such relapses.

The open-label Phase II study is examining autogene cevumeran in stage II/III colorectal cancer patients after surgical resection of their tumor and completion of adjuvant chemotherapy. The present SOC in this symptom is vigilant as the firm awaits if tumors occur again after the withdrawal of the primary tumor and adjuvant chemotherapy.

Furthermore, the firm has decided to register about 200 sufferers to assess the efficacy of BNT122 compared to watchful waiting after surgery and chemotherapy, the current SOC for these high-risk patients. As the second most lethal cancer around the world, the medical need for novel therapies to cure colorectal cancer remains high. The study has been commenced in the US, Germany, Spain, and Belgium.