WPP [NYSE: WPP] and Snap Announces Augmented Reality Partnership

WPP plc [NYSE: WPP] and Snap Inc. disclosed that they both have entered into a partnership to assist brands in creating and delivering immersive experiences for consumers using Augmented Reality. AR has a significant role to play in the future of marketing and commerce, from virtual try-on to immersive digital experiences.

As per the recent study carried out by Snap, 94% of people are anticipating leveraging AR for shopping purposes the same as or more than 2022 versus 2021. This collaboration will provide WPP and its client’s access to and mastery of Snap’s AR technology end-to-end, plus creative production and measurement.

Furthermore, this Augmented Reality partnership will integrate the top AR technology of SNAP with WPP’s consolidated capabilities across creative, media, commerce, and technology. It will enable WPP clients to better communicate with their customers on the Snapchat platform and obtain significant business results through AR.

In addition, WPP will cooperate with Snap-on new products and technology, such as the recently introduced Snapchat Trends tool, which enables teams to utilize patented insights and data to notify creative and campaign development. WPP will also get access to a custom AR Lab Strategy Guide, which incorporates best practices in order to inform creative development with the help of Snap’s AR technology.

As per the Augmented Reality partnership, WPP and Snap will deploy a co-developed custom optimization scorecard for WPP clients. It will be utilized to create more effective campaigns. WPP and Snap’s methodology will offer insights into the performance of these campaigns. It will enable teams to track success and adapt in real-time.