Oracle [NYSE: ORCL] Unveils SaaS Payroll Service for IGOs and NGOs

Oracle Corporation [NYSE: ORCL] has unveiled the SaaS Payroll service for IGOs and NGOs. The new SaaS Payroll Service will help organizations such as IGOs and NGOs, negotiate complex pay rules and policies to effectively pay any employee, anywhere, in any currency. Oracle Payroll Core is a part of Oracle Fusion Cloud Human Capital Management (HCM).

It is a flexible payroll management solution that allows corporations to easily build up payroll to fulfill both local and international pay rules in a single system. It enables corporations to fulfill unique business requirements which are not tackled with conventional payroll solutions. The conventional payroll solutions are often intended to meet specific country pay rules but don’t have the flexibility to administer international pay rules necessary for businesses like IGOs and NGOs.

Oracle Payroll Core will enable corporations such as IGOs and NGOs, to easily set up a payroll system that fulfills unique corporation needs and pay their staff in any location. Oracle Payroll Core is natively consolidated into Oracle Cloud HCM. It can be set up to calculate payroll according to international or local pay rules, using the latest information about a worker.

Benefits of Oracle Payroll Core

Using the Oracle Payroll Core, corporations will be able to get the benefit of Flexible Payroll. This Solution will simplify processes as it allows corporations to leverage a single payroll solution to back their workforce all around the globe. In addition, using this solution, corporations can save time and resources by permitting workers to make changes to their personal information using employee self-service, which lessens tiresome labor-intensive processes.