Alfi [NASDAQ: ALF] Announces Partnership with Vistar Media

Alfi, Inc. [NASDAQ: ALF] disclosed that it has joined forces with Vistar Media to offer advertisers and agencies programmatic access to an impactful inventory of Alfi and to allow complex ad delivery across all campaigns. This is a remarkable partnership as Alfi’s intelligent ad platform offers advertisers a strong reporting interface. It will enable them to learn more about how their target audiences interact with ad content.

The main goal of Vistar Media is to create software that can bring the next generation of advanced digital signage into the programmatic marketplace and sustain data-driven advertising and complex customer experiences. Vistar Media believed that Alfi’s inventory and data-first approach to DOOH offer new opportunities for buyers to connect with consumers in a targeted, measurable, and impactful way.

Presently, commerce becomes more and more digitized, and marketers leverage technology to better reach their target audiences. Moreover, the value of programmatic marketing is going to exceed $150 billion by the end of 2021. This enables Alfi’s advertising inventory, which will reach an excess of $500 million before the end of 2022, to join forces with the huge demand for programmatic advertising from Vistar’s marketplace.

Additionally, leveraging the collaboration with Vistar Media, Alfi can now assist customers to manage the completion of their campaigns, and better control communication with a single system, and also reduced time and overall cost.