Red Cat’s [NASDAQ: RCAT] Skypersonic Gets NASA Contract

Red Cat Holdings, Inc. [NASDAQ: RCAT] has disclosed that its unit Skypersonic, Inc has received a five-year agreement with NASA to offer drone and rover software, hardware, and support for its Simulated Mars mission. Red Cat is excited about Skypersonic collaborating with NASA on this important scientific Mars project.

NASA is preparing for a series of analog missions that will simulate year-long stays on the surface of Mars, each of which will consist of four crew members living in Mars Dune Alpha, an isolated 1,700 square foot habitat. Skypersonic’s Dronebox real-time transoceanic remote piloting platform will lead the piloting of both the drones and the rover.

Red Cat Holdings, Inc. [NASDAQ: RCAT] shares were trading up 59.79% at the time of writing on Monday.  Red Cat Holdings, Inc. [NASDAQ: RCAT] share price went from a low point around $0.54 to briefly over $7.75 in the past 52 weeks, though shares have since pulled back to $3.84. RCAT’s market cap has remained high, reaching $120.19 million at the time of writing.

Furthermore, it has been disclosed that during the mission of NASA, the crew will carry out simulated spacewalks and modeled operations by remote piloting Skypersonic drones and rovers in a simulated Martian environment.