Here’s the Reason Why ENGlobal [NASDAQ: ENG] Stock is Jumping Today

ENGlobal Corporation [NASDAQ: ENG] shares have skyrocketed 26.75% at the time of writing on Monday. The strong performance of the firm has highlighted the positive reaction of the investors after the firm disclosed the results of the 2021 annual stockholders’ meeting.

Nearly 58% of ENGlobal’s total common stock outstanding was signified at the meeting, either in person or by proxy. Of the shares cast for each respective proposal, nearly 99% were cast in favor of the election of William A. Coskey, P.E., Mark A Hess, Lloyd G. Kirchner, Christopher D. Sorrells, and Kevin M. Palma to a one-year term on our Board of Directors.

Furthermore, nearly 99% were cast in favor of the ENGlobal Corporation 2021 Long Term Incentive Plan, and roughly 99% were cast in favor of the agreement of the appointment of Moss Adams for the fiscal year 2021.

Furthermore, ENGlobal has earned a reputation as a prominent provider of complete project solutions for renewable and traditional energy throughout the US and globally. ENGlobal runs through two business segments: Commercial and Government Services.

The Commercial segment offers engineering, design, fabrication, and integration of automated control systems as a complete packaged solution for its clients. On the other hand, the Government Services segment offers engineering, design, installation, operations, and maintenance of various government, public sector, and international facilities.