dMY Technology [NYSE: DMYI] Confirms Business Merger with IonQ

dMY Technology Group, Inc. III [NYSE: DMYI] has confirmed that it has entered into a merger agreement with IonQ. The merger agreement has been finalized between the firms as the merger is anticipated to be confirmed after the stockholder’s meeting on September 28, 2021. The stockholders represent more than 60% of the issued and outstanding shares of the firm having presented proxies, of which shares signifying more than 96% have confirmed a vote in favor of the merger and the approval of the related proposals.

IonQ has earned a reputation as a leader in quantum computing, leveraging a trapped-ion approach to create the world’s most powerful quantum computers. IonQ utilizes some of the world’s leading talent in quantum. IonQ aims to make quantum computing not just the technology of the future, but more and more often, the advanced technology of today.

Transaction Details

After the execution of the Business Merger, IonQ anticipates obtaining in excess of $600 million of gross profit, which reflects the redemptions of firm units in the single-digit percentile by the firm’s stockholders before the redemption deadline, which took place on Friday, September 24th at 5:00 p.m. Eastern time.

As part of the deal, the firm will change its name to IonQ, Inc., and the merged firm’s shares of common stock and public warrants are anticipated to trade on the New York Stock Exchange commencing on October 1, 2021, under the ticker symbols “IONQ” and “IONQ.WS,” respectively. dMY III expects to finalize the Business Merger on September 30, 2021.