Color Star’s [NASDAQ: CSCW] Color China All-Set to Launch Sport-Related NFT Products

Color Star Technology Co., Ltd. [NASDAQ: CSCW] disclosed that its fully-owned unit Color China has decided to unveil sports-related NFT products in October this year. The firm revealed that the current and future series of NFT products introduced by the firm are all celebrity-related. The NFT products of the firm are more collectible and practical and also have a large fan base.

Color Star has a successful track record of introducing a variety of NFT products. The products which the firm has introduced vary from music and video to sports. The firm will strive to enhance efforts in product research and development. CSCW contemplates that more NFT products will be launched to users all around the globe in the near future.

Furthermore, Color Star will also incorporate these NFT products into the entertainment metaverse that is now fully built and stimulate more collaboration and effort between the NFT and metaverse spheres. The sports-related NFT products which the firm is going to introduce will help enrich and expand the current selection of NFT products in the market.

In addition, Color Star is striving to establish new cooperation with world reputable athletes in the field of entertainment. The firm is also joining hands with prominent athletes from different sports fields to introduce NFT products related to those athletes. The first set of products will include jerseys and Tourbillon watches created by the athletes and special training videos, among others. Color Star anticipates that the concept of these celebrity products will expand the copyright capabilities of the firm.