Neonode [NASDAQ: NEON] Ink Reseller Agreement with MZ Technologie

Neonode Inc. [NASDAQ: NEON] disclosed that it has inked a reseller agreement with MZ Technologie. The purpose of this agreement is to design, promote and sell contactless touch products and solutions featuring Neonode contactless technology. This collaboration is very beneficial for NEON as MZ has earned a reputation as an expert in holographic screens and a contactless solution provider in France.

MZ Technologie is best known for developing solutions for interactive kiosks and elevators. MZ Technologie collaborates with a global customer base and intends to introduce a number of advanced contactless solutions backed by Neonode during the coming months.

Neonode Inc. [NASDAQ: NEON] shares plunged 2.30% as the firm lost -0.19 at the time of writing on Friday. Neonode Inc. [NASDAQ: NEON] share price went from a low point around $4.56 to briefly over $10.17 in the past 52 weeks, though shares have since pulled back to $8.15. NEON’s market cap has remained high, reaching $92.38 million at the time of writing.

In addition, MZ Technologie disclosed that it is exciting to collaborate with Neonode to understand the full potential of the contactless touch market in France for now and is eager for speeding up adoption in interactive kiosks and elevators, by working closely with the Neonode team.