Lizhi [NASDAQ: LIZI] Unveils “My Friends” Live Status Feature on TIYA

Lizhi Inc. [NASDAQ: LIZI] has introduced a new “My Friends” live status/mood feature on its Social Audio App TIYA. LIZHI vowed an audio-centric globalization plan and introducing a broad range of audio products to a vast user base. Lizhi contemplates that audio is now a key element for social media products, as voice-based social networking continues to be a substantial online trend.

It has been revealed that TIYA is striving to offer a brand-new social experience for younger generations all around the globe by uniting audio innovation with social cooperation. Since the start of this year, the level of user commitment of TIYA has continued to progress at a fast speed. In June 2021, the number of active chat rooms rose by more than 180% from March 2021.

“My Friends” Feature of TIYA

The latest “My Friend” feature of the TIYA App is created to redefine the old contact list found in most social products. Its main purpose is to optimize the app’s audio social networking experience by allowing users to easily search for friends with similar status and moods and strengthen current relationships.

Furthermore, the “My Friends” feature utilizes an algorithm-based recommendation engine to streamline how users can explore and cooperate online with friends with similar statuses and moods. TIYA users can explore their friends’ social plans and status through the “My Friends” feature, such as whether they want to collaborate to play games, watch videos together through the “screen sharing” function, study, or simply chat.

Additionally, users will be able to join their friends’ rooms on the platform with one click to take part in activities using real-time audio chat, promoting more user communication with current contacts. LIZHI is striving to enhance the audio experience and further optimize the interaction between TIYA users by constantly fine-tuning its audio product formats and enhancing the efficiency of social audio interaction.