Acasti Pharma [NASDAQ: ACST] Regains Compliance with Nasdaq Listing Standards

Acasti Pharma Inc. [NASDAQ: ACTS] has shared the business update and also disclosed that it has regained compliance with Nasdaq Listing Standards. The firm has reclaimed compliance with Nasdaq’s minimum bid price requirement. The firm revealed that it is satisfied with the outlook of the business.

Furthermore, Acasti Pharma Inc is striving to work determinedly to made progress in the clinical pipeline of late-stage drug candidates focused on rare diseases that focus on significant markets with unfulfilled medical needs. The firm contemplates that its approach of customizing the formulation of marketed drugs in new ways which are supported by more than 40 granted and patents pending in various jurisdictions which substantially de-risks its clinical programs.

In particular, these drug candidates are made to attain faster onset of action, improved efficacy, decreased side effects, and ensure more convenient drug delivery. The confidence of the firm is further enhanced by the fact that all three of its lead programs have got Orphan Drug Designation from the U.S FDA, which provides a number of regulatory, cost, and timing benefits.

Additionally, the three lead programs of the firm which has got Orphan Drug Designation includes GTX-104, GTX-102, and GTX-101.