Velodyne [NASDAQ: VLDR] Sign Multi-Year Supply Agreement with TOPODRONE

Velodyne Lidar, Inc. [NASDAQ: VLDR] disclosed that it has entered into a multi-year supply agreement with TOPODRONE. As per the arrangement, VLDR will deliver its lidar sensors to TOPODRONE. The lidar sensors of Velodyne make it fast and secure for businesses to create well-defined 3D models of any conditions for mobile mapping.

The sensors offer a high-resolution, 360-degree surround-view image measure accurately and assess the environment. The sensors of VLDR have demonstrated reliability, even when working in challenging applications and weather conditions. The lidar sensors of VLDR will allow the solutions of TOPODRONE to secure difficult, accurate analyses that are required in producing a high-quality survey.

Furthermore, Velodyne lidar sensors have allowed TOPODRONE to bring high-precision mapping and 3D modeling to challenging environments including farms, forests, infrastructure, and more to back development that promotes economic and sustainability goals. Both the firms have disclosed that they will demonstrate their lidar-based solutions for the geospatial community at INTERGEO 2021. The event is scheduled to occur in Hannover, Germany from Sept. 21 to 23

Additionally, the lidar sensors of VLDR offer best in class power consumption which enables the long flight of drones. The collaboration of TOPODRONE with VLDR has helped TOPODRONE to utilize its reputable brand and product quality, which complements great value and customer loyalty in its solutions.

TOPODRONE is leveraging Puck, Puck Hi-Res, and Ultra Puck of VLDR as the 3D data perception and mapping sensors in its survey solutions. TOPODRONE 100 LITE and TOPODRONE 200 ULTRA are lightweight and precise solutions that can be fixed on drones, vertical take-off, and landing (VTOL) unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), and backpack systems for mobile laser scanning.