Nokia Corporation [NYSE: NOK] Announces the Launch of FP5

Nokia Corporation [NYSE: NOK] has finally unveiled its fifth-generation of high-performance IP routing silicon, FP5. FP5 will allow service providers to tackle persistent requirements of the present environment to efficiently scale network capacity. It also allows new higher-speed IP services and offer unparalleled protection against increasing network security threats.

Nokia brings a new suite of IP routing solutions to the market to assist service providers to revolutionize mission-critical IP networks to tackle these new and changing requirements with the launch of Nokia’s fifth-generation FP5 network processing silicon. Nokia has long been in the lead of offering an embedded approach to IP network security.

Furthermore, FP5 allows the agility needed to change the network as standards and applications change. Its deterministic performance combined with rich telemetry insight guarantees network operators can drive a maintainable and serviceable IP network both today and into the future. It has been disclosed that Nokia FP5-based platforms will be available early in the first half of 2022.

Additionally, Nokia’s FP5 network processors push down power consumption per bit by 75%. As FP5 is backward compatible with FP4 and fully consolidated into the latest versions of Nokia’s Service Router Operating System (SR OS), all current features are backed from day one on the new hardware.

Nokia service router platforms are the first to back high-density 800GE and 1.6 Tb/s clear channel routing interfaces for applications including mobile transport, IP core, peering, BNG, and provider edge.