Berkshire [NASDAQ: BGRY] AI-Enabled Robotic Pick is Globally Available Now

Berkshire Grey, Inc. [NASDAQ: BGRY] disclosed that its AI-enabled Robotic Pick and Pack solutions are now available globally. Berkshire Grey RPP solutions computerize picking and packing of items directly from inventory totes to outbound customer shipping packages. This solution enhances operational efficiency for fulfillment centers, cut shipping costs, and reduces the environmental impact of eCommerce orders.

RPP system of Berkshire Grey was created to enhance SKU processing, optimize picking and packing efficiency, and speed operational throughput. It independently picks and packs consumer orders while making sure that items remain in perfect condition fulfilling customers, reducing returns, and decreasing damage costs.

Furthermore, the solution covers a Zero-pressure position, guaranteeing even multiple delicate items can fit securely into a single package without dumping or over-stuffing items. It also includes sophisticated machine vision and patented real-time planning algorithms and autonomous dense packing.

Additionally, the portfolio of AI-enabled robotic solutions of Berkshire Grey and broad services covers installation, testing, and commissioning, and continued support and maintenance which assist advanced organizations to overcome these challenges. The Berkshire Grey RPP solution is engineered to combine with eCommerce operations usually operate by retailers, third-party logistics (3PL) providers and pure-play eCommerce brands.