Arqit Quantum [NASDAQ: ARQQ] Ink Technology Alliance Agreement with Juniper

Arqit Quantum Inc. [NASDAQ: ARQQ] has inked a Technology Alliance Partner Connect’ agreement with Juniper Networks. Both the firms have signed the agreement to discover network security technology that will safeguard against quantum security threats. Arqit and Juniper will discover how network providers can apply quantum secure key-exchange mechanisms to limit interruptions and enhance business resiliency.                   

As per the ‘Technology Alliance Partner Connect’ agreement, Juniper and Arqit will partner to investigate and test the application of quantum security technologies, including Arqit’s advanced platform QuantumCloud, to networks. The mission of Juniper is to offer safe networking which makes this collaboration the best fit for Arqit and our technologies.

Presently, Cyber-attackers regularly aim for networks to upset business operations.  The growing use of software-defined networking, and the ability to dynamically provision networks, along with more safe cryptographic key exchanges, provide network providers the opportunity to offer stronger, more active validation of devices to secure organizations’ data from even a quantum attack.  

Additionally, Juniper Networks disclosed that “Quantum encryption is a hopeful technology to help make networks safer against threats now and into the future, and the firm is delighted to be working with Arqit on these new advancements.