Hims & Hers [NYSE: HIMS] Announces Partnership with REVOLVE

Hims & Hers Health, Inc. [NYSE: HIMS] has revealed its partnership with REVOLVE [NYSE: RVLV] which is a premium lifestyle fashion retailer and go-to online source for discovery and inspiration with Millennial and Generation Z consumers. As per the collaboration, REVOLVE is increasing a wide range of health and wellness solutions from Hims & Hers to its site, REVOLVE.com.

After the collaboration, the products of Hims & Hers are now available on REVOLVE.com include items for skincare, hair care and growth, sleep supplements, and sexual health, and are both inexpensive and carefully created. Recently, Hims & Hers worked as REVOLVE’s sole wellness companion during REVOLVE’s New York Fashion Week events as well.

In addition to this, after this collaboration, both Hims & Hers and REVOLVE are redefining industries and utilizing HIMS to recognize closely with the next generation of consumers. HIMS disclosed that it is searching for more customized health and wellness solutions to Millennial and Generation Z consumers and this partnership with a brand IS best as it knows the complexities of bringing a unique approach.

Furthermore, RVLV disclosed that through a broad variety of Hims & Hers products on REVOLVE it is growing into new categories and further expanding REVOLVE’s dynamic platform.