Dynatrace [NYSE: DT] Finalizes Acquisition of SpectX

Dynatrace, Inc. [NYSE: DT] disclosed that it has finalized the buying of high-speed parsing and query analytics company, SpectX. This buying will speed up the convergence of observability and security for modern hybrid, multi-cloud environments. Dynatrace will expand its Software Intelligence Platform’s observability and application security analytics capabilities even further with the buying of SpectX.

It has been disclosed by Statista that 79 zettabytes of data or 79 trillion gigabytes will be produced in 2021. That is two times more than the amount of data generated just two years ago, and growth at this speed is projected to continue into the immediate future. So, in order to assess this data in real-time, and to guarantee the performance and security of clouds and the applications that run on them, the combination of high-speed, AI-powered analytics and sophisticated automation is a total necessity.

DT revealed that market-leading innovation is fundamental to the Dynatrace culture, and the firm is exploring ways to speed this up and accept exceptional talent to help it scale. The sophisticated analytics solution of SpectX fits flawlessly into its product roadmap, while its extraordinarily talented team will expand its ability to assist the world’s leading organizations to speed up digital innovation.

Additionally, SpectX believed that joining hands with Dynatrace’s best-in-class cloud observability, AIOps, and application security capabilities offers it the opportunity to impact the digital revolution around the world faster and with more impact than it could have obtained alone.