Reliance Global Group [NASDAQ: RELI] Introduces

Reliance Global Group, Inc. [NASDAQ: RELI] has successfully introduced in Ohio. Ohio is the first state in the scheduled nationwide launch. is a tool developed by Reliance Global that leverages artificial intelligence and data mining to offer competitive insurance quotes in under 2 minutes, with the power to associate coverage within 5 minutes, with minimal data input via a smartphone, tablet, or computer.

It has been disclosed that the goal of this platform is to harness the increasing number of online shoppers by offering them a flawless one-stop solution to compare quotes and instantly bind a policy. Reliance Group revealed that the feedback of the clients about this platform is beyond the anticipation of the firm.

In addition to this, the firm has revealed that its first client was able to cut their premium from nearly $2,000 to just $800 on a comparable policy with a new carrier. It shows a savings of 60%. The firm declared that it has decided to launch the platform in additional states in the near future and is planning to offer further updates as it advances.

Furthermore, unites the best of a traditional insurance agency, including the ability for direct agent interaction, with the option to bind a policy online. Through, consumers may compare live quotes for auto insurance between multiple carriers, as well as immediately buy coverage on the same single platform.