Velodyne [NASDAQ: VLDR] Unveil New Villa Development Kit

Velodyne Lidar, Inc. [NASDAQ: VLDR] has unveiled a new software development kit named Villa Development Kit (VDK). VDK will enable the clients to leverage the sophisticated capabilities of Velodyne’s Vella lidar perception software in their autonomous solutions. It will also allow helpful for the companies.  

The firm disclosed that VDR will be helpful for the companies in a way that it will allow firms to speed up time to market for producing exceptional lidar capabilities to autonomous vehicles, advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), mobile delivery devices, industrial robotics, drones and more. VDK also enables firms to leverage their development resources more competently by cutting the time and effort necessary to combine 3D lidar sensors into applications.

Furthermore, VDK was established with input from automakers, application developers, and the Automated with Velodyne ecosystem. VDK is developed to utilize the distinctive, powerful competencies of Velodyne’s latest solid-state Velarray H800 and Velarray M1600 lidar sensors, with backing for additional sensors being put in with each unveiling.

Additionally, Velodyne has declared that the clients with an active maintenance subscription will be allowed to reach every future release of VDK. Every release will continue to be modernized with the latest hardware support and processing features that Vella has to offer. Velodyne is also intending to improve the Vella Development Kit offering in the near future with two additional versions.

Moreover, VDK Lite will provide a smaller set of the most fundamental processing features at a cheaper price point. VDK Enterprise will offer a full spectrum of design personalization, new feature development, and support services for the most challenging client applications. Lastly, the firm confirmed that VDK presently covers one year of assistance and software updates. There is also the choice of continuing maintenance, with a permit for extra software unveiling and services.