Hit with Huge DDoS Attack, Attackers Demands BTC Ransom disclosed that recently it has experienced a massive DDoS attack. The worst thing is that the attacker demanded the ransom but in the form of Bitcoin. The news of the attack is shared by the operator of the website Cøbra. Cøbra took to Twitter and disclosed its concern.

It has been disclosed that the massive DDoS attack has prevented the users from accessing their content and a server is flooded with huge traffic. According to a report from Decrypt, the attackers asked for payment of 0.5 BTC, which when converted are equal to about $17,000 at current Bitcoin prices.

Furthermore, the website has recently faced a huge backlash when nChain chief scientist Craig Wright requested that the website halt the hosting of Bitcoin whitepaper, which he alleges to have authored. Wright is known in the cryptocurrency community for his allegations of being Satoshi Nakamoto, the pseudonym used by the inventor of Bitcoin.

These Days, he’s one of the prominent figures of Bitcoin SV, a cryptocurrency project that alleges to be satisfying the vision drew by Satoshi Nakamoto in his 2008 whitepaper. It has been disclosed yet whether the Bitcoin whitepaper controversy and the DDoS are somewhat related or not.

Presently, the website seems to be normally approachable. The Bitcoin whitepaper is still uploaded to the website and is available to the public. In addition to the Bitcoin whitepaper, also hosts various resources related to Bitcoin, for example, Bitcoin wallet guides, associated with Bitcoin client software and educational material on the various aspects of Bitcoin.