Palantir [NYSE: PLTR] Extended Partnership with Grupo Globo

Palantir Technologies Inc. [NYSE: PLTR] disclosed Wednesday that it has decided to further strengthen its relationship with Grupo Globo. In this regard, the firm has revealed that both the firms have agreed to extend their partnership for two more years. Previously, in 2019 this partnership started when Globo has started the journey to becoming a mediatech company.

So, Grupo Globo has joined hands with Palantir in 2019 to utilize its Foundry software, which changes the way organizations serve by setting up a central operating system for their data, which will lead to better decisions throughout the enterprise. Globo which is Latin America’s largest media firm has generated more than two petabytes of data across its platforms.

Furthermore, Globo utilizes Palantir Foundry both to enhance its sales offering to advertisers and to optimize the connection to its daily audience of 100 million Brazilians. The usage of Palantir Foundry, along with its in-house data intelligence skills and the relationship with its huge audience, has permitted Grupo Globo to speed up fundamental processes for its revolution.

Moreover, Globo is currently present in 99% of Brazilian homes. It has already distributed its stories to more than 190 countries around the globe. Additionally, it reaches every day through its open and pay-TV channels, Globo’s digital products and OTT platform get more than 20 million users daily.

In sales, Palantir Foundry is one of the tools utilized by Globo to develop advertising services and solutions to present an integrated offering to advertisers. It also enables them to view Globo’s varied offerings as a single inventory, merging what was formerly hard to resolve across different divisions.