Xilinx [NASDAQ: XLNX] Announces Acquisition of Silexica

Xilinx, Inc. [NASDAQ: XLNX] disclosed that it has bought Silexica. The SLX FPGA tool suite of Silexica enables developers with unmatched advancement experience to build applications on FPGAs and Adaptive SoCs. This technology will become consolidated with the Xilinx Vitis unified software platform to significantly cut the learning curve for software developers developing advanced applications on Xilinx technology.

The vision of Silexica is to build a disruptive developer tool. A tool that shuts the gap between the software and hardware developer domains. The consolidation of Silexica technology with the Xilinx Vitis portfolio fully help Silexica in fulfilling the goal of making adaptive data processing accessible to software developers. The firm is thrilled to proceed with the journey as part of the Xilinx Vitis team.

Furthermore, Silexica was spun out of RWTH Aachen University in 2014 after six years of advanced academic research.  It is based in Cologne, Germany. It has offices in Silicon Valley and Japan. It offers its services to innovative businesses in the automotive, robotics, wireless communications, aerospace, and financial industries and has been awarded $28 million in financing from international investors. The firm has not revealed the terms of the deal.

XLNX disclosed that software programmability is essential to its long-term goal to speeds up the path from software to application-enhanced hardware systems.