Twilio [NYSE: TWLO] Announces Launch of Journeys

Twilio Inc. [NYSE: TWLO] disclosed that it has unveiled Journeys. Journeys is a new product establish on the Segment CDP that enables vendors to easily build advanced customer journeys and coordinate personalization at scale, through every channel, and across their entire customer experience stack.

The firm defines the customer journeys as a journey which the customer experience during his interaction with the brand. The next step in building the leading Customer Engagement Platform of Twilio is adding the ability to design that journey on top of Segment’s best-in-class first-party data foundation.

Currently, the world is experiencing a drastic change in interaction with customers. Businesses have gone a long way to adopt the new ways of doing business and completely change their business digitally. Businesses are striving to offer the best services to customers. Consumers are quick to adopt the new digital contacts, and now their hopes for customized, relevant collaborations with brands are greater than ever.

Furthermore, recent State of Personalization Report of Twilio Segment, 85% of businesses are confident that they are providing customized experiences, but on the other hand, 60% of consumers think brands are actually offering them. Failing to offer highly differentiated experiences has implications far away from the ineffective marketing spend, such as a loss in customer loyalty and market share.

In addition to this, more than half of businesses (43%) stated that obtaining correct customer data for personalization is a big challenge for them. Journeys resolve this problem. In contrast to The current journey builders on the market, Journeys is constructed on top of Twilio Segment, signifying customer journeys are built on clean, real-time first-party data from dozens of customer touchpoints. This gives firms confidence and control over all of their customer contacts.