Polkastarter Announces Integration with Ethereum Scaling Solution Polygon

Initial DEX offering platform Polkastarter has disclosed that it has decided to integrate with Ethereum scaling solution polygon.  As per the observation of the team, the Polygon consolidation will result in considerable scalability and cost-efficiency enhancement across Polkastarter’s ecosystem.  The Polygon team is exploring a variety of solutions to assist scale Ethereum and give users the opportunity to save on time and cryptocurrency transaction costs.

In addition to this, the Polkastarter project’s vision involves its platform being used across multiple blockchains. Presently, users can find IDOs on Polkastarter that are being carried out on Ethereum as well as Binance Smart Chain. Furthermore, it has been disclosed that after the execution of consolidation with Polygon, both projects using Polkastarter to grow funds, and the users who are purchasing tokens will be able to get an advantage from lower costs when allotting and requesting tokens.

Polkastarter’s team is optimistic about this integration and stated that this combination will further enhance liquidity and stimulate community adoption of developing protocols. By making the IDO process more cautiously reachable to contributors, Polygon x Polkastarter will speed up its mutual, broader mission to stimulate multi-chain interoperability

Furthermore, Polkastarter has arisen as one of the most famous IDO platforms on the market today. Naturally, projects growing funds on Polkastarter will only dump their tokens to whitelisted contributors. Additionally, Users can link tokens between the Ethereum mainnet and Polygon PoS, and the network also occasionally presents spot checks to Ethereum. Ethereum-based decentralized applications can be installed on the Polygon PoS blockchain without major changes.