ABEYCHAIN 2.0 Set to Shake Up the Blockchain Industry

ABEYCHAIN 2.0 is gearing up to bring new technological innovations to shake up the blockchain industry. ABEYCHAIN is successful in attracting around 150, 000 unique users on its platform. The developers, crypto fanatics, and various specialists are eagerly waiting for the new opportunities in this platform after the public presentation at the AIBC 2021 Summit in Dubai.

Currently, the biggest issue which is being faced by blockchain industry is the speed of transaction. Most transaction on Blockchain is slow and inefficient. ABEYCHAIN 2.0 is bringing new changes to the blockchain industry. It has been disclosed that many public chains based on a single consensus mechanism often have noticeable disadvantages.

If we look at PoW it lacks efficiency. Similarly, PoS doesn’t have decentralization. To tackle these problems, ABEYCHAIN 2.0 consolidates DPoS and PoW to challenge the trade-off between decentralization and efficiency. ABEYCHAIN 2.0 interrupts the existing Proof of Stake structure that makes it easier for a larger stakeholder to increase the user’s token stake at a higher speed than a smaller stakeholder.

Moreover, the large stakeholders can mine or authenticate block transactions according to how many coins they own. They possess more mining power than those who own fewer coins leading to the centralization of mining where the rich get richer. ABECHAIN works on the mechanism of fairness and equality.  It has various benefits including enhancing efficiency, standardized storage server, disruption, and decentralization, etc.