Lattice Semiconductor [NASDAQ: LSCC] Shares Growth Strategy at 2021 Investor Day

Lattice Semiconductor Corporation [NASDAQ: LSCC] has disclosed Wednesday the details of its control in mass markets, industry prominent product collection, augmenting its addressable market, and enhancing of its financial goals at its 2021 Investor Day. The firm has struggled for 3 years to reestablish the groundwork of the firm.

Lattice Semiconductor has shared the details of the additional 2021 Lattice Investor Day Presentation. Corporate VP, Steve Douglass, R&D, has shared the remodeled product portfolio that awarded Lattice a prominent position in the industry, with its new Nexus-based products and application-specific software solution stacks.

Furthermore, VP also explained the new FPGA roadmap of LSCC showcasing the groundbreaking Avant platform. The platform will substantially grow the product expertise of LSCC. It will also enable it to tackle new applications in the mid-range FPGA market.

Additionally, the Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer of the firm, Esam Elashmawi, has shared the increase of the addressable market of LSCC with its SAM growing to $6 billion with the launch of Lattice Avant. Presently, the firm highlighted its growth areas. The growth areas of the firm include data center servers, client computing, 5G wireless infrastructure, industrial robotics, automotive electronics, and consumer markets.

CFO of the firm, Sherri Luther, summarized the strong financial results of the firm. CFO disclosed that the firm has recorded a boost in its main strategic markets and substantial growth in gross margin and EPS over the last 2 years. She further explained the new financial model of the firm which features higher gross margin and operating income targets.