Juniper [NYSE: JNPR] to be Chosen by Telecom Egypt for Digital Transformation

Juniper Networks, Inc. [NYSE: JNPR] disclosed that Telecom Egypt has chosen the firm to plan and implement a substantial network capacity growth and modernization for Telecom Egypt across its national base, providing a client base of 9.8M for fixed-line services, 6.9M for broadband and 7.3M for mobile.

Furthermore, this decision is consistent with the constant exponential growth of bandwidth demand and service quality opportunities confronted by Telecom Egypt. Moreover, it has also included its ongoing quest for a complete digital revolution program as a crucial element of the Egyptian Government’s Digital Egypt and ICT 2030 creativities.

Additionally, if we look at the growth trend of Telecom Egypt it has recorded a 43% year-on-year increase in its mobile user base in FY20. The strategy of Telecom Egypt is to implement a closed-loop automation suite as a step towards streamlining the complete network lifecycle. Telecom disclosed that the reduction of manual work will automatically increase reliability, and flexibility.

Telecom is endeavoring to launch powerful, flexible traffic engineering capabilities offered by the Juniper Networks NorthStar Controller by taking a step forward towards Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. This gives Telecom Egypt granular visibility and control across the network. This solution will also offer active intensive care, planning, and specific routing of large traffic loads, assisting to attain and provide reliable performance.