ServiceNow [NYSE: NOW] to Purchase Lightstep

ServiceNow, Inc. [NYSE: NOW] disclosed Monday that it has inked an agreement to purchase next-generation observability leader Lightstep. After the acquisition of Lightstep, ServiceNow will be able to consolidate and reinforce its position as the world’s top enterprise platform for digital businesses.

ServiceNow has already gained a reputation in IT service management, IT operations management, and digital workflows. ServiceNow will assist DevOps engineers to develop, install, operate, and supervise modern cloud-native applications with the buying of Lightstep which is an evolving innovator in next-generation application monitoring and observability.

After the acquisition agreement, ServiceNow and Lightstep will expand the advantages of observability across the enterprise through digital workflows that transform real-time insights into action across all the technologies, people, and processes that allow digital business.

It has been disclosed that the acquisition will be executed in Q2 2021. The firms have not revealed the terms of the deal. Furthermore, Lightstep is the reliable observability solution for both born-in-the-cloud firms like GitHub, Spotify, and Twilio, and fast-growing corporations whose businesses are gradually dependent on software applications.

Furthermore, the Lightstep platform offers a consolidated approach to observability with system-wide visibility and insights integrated across metrics, distributed traces, and logs. This assists corporations in speed software development velocity without negotiating quality and speeding up quicker modernization across the entire digital customer experience.