Qilian [NASDAQ: QLI] Inks Exclusive Agency Agreement with Kangzhiyuan

Qilian International Holding Group Limited [NASDAQ: QLI] disclosed Wednesday that it has inked a special agency contract with Henan Kangzhiyuan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. The firm has signed the agreement to grow the sales of Gan Di Xin’s product of Compound Licorice Lozenges. The contract was inked on April 22, 2021, with an early period of five years.

In accordance with the agreement, both parties confirmed to collaborate in the product promotion of Gan Di Xin by utilizing their advantages and resources. The firm confirms joining Kangzhiyuan as the special sales agent for disseminating the licorice products of the firm.

Furthermore, it has been disclosed that the firm has autonomously explored and advanced the Product, which has gained recognition as a well-known national chemical product and a brand-name product in Gansu provenience.

Gan Di Xin is a ground-breaking antitussive and expectorant medicine created from top-quality raw licorice materials obtained from Northwest China, which the firm produces with its original purification, thin-film coating, and inclusion technology, enabling sufferers to direct the medication more easily.

Additionally, Gan Di Xin has a supreme taste and worth compared with conventional antitussive and expectorant drugs, rendering it an upgraded product among similar drugs. Earlier, the firm promoted Gan Di Xin largely through third-party platforms in towns such as healthcare centers, individual clinics, and pharmacies. The firm is confident that the national promotion channels and sales network of Kangzhiyuan will largely help the firm in attaining groundbreaking sales for the compound licorice lozenges product.